LingUU Volume 6, Issue 2

Volume 6, Issue 2

November 2022

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Wensink, T. (2022) On the importance of the null noun. A comparative analysis of the indefinite pronoun construction in Dutch and FrenchLingUU Journal, 6(2), pp. 4-18.

Van Zijverden, R. (2022) Processing of Causal Discourse Connectives in a Second Language: Dutch Want versus Omdat. LingUU Journal, 6(2), pp. 19-36.

Sridharan, K. (2022) “ You watch as…” Narrative Perspective and Perspective-Taking in Players of Tabletop Role-Playing Games (TTRPGS). LingUU Journal, 6(2), pp. 37-56.

Vinke, J. (2022) The OEN-construction. Overt functional heads in the extended prepositional projection. LingUU Journal, 6(2), pp. 57-77.

The Daily Linguist. Recommendations for linguistics students. (pp.78)