Do you want to publish in LingUU? As a (future) author you will find all of the information you need below. If you have any questions left about publishing, feel free to send us an e-mail ( However, you’ll probably find the answer on our FAQ page.

Call for papers

The deadline for the next call for papers is set for November 11, 2019. Accepted papers will be published in LingUU #4.1 (April 2020).

Guidelines for authors

Are you interested in submitting your work to LingUU? We are looking forward to receiving your contribution! However, we ask you to read our general information for authors thoroughly before submitting. In addition, we provide guidelines for authors, specified for every genre, that can be downloaded below.

Guidelines for research articles
Guidelines for book reviews
Guidelines for Intern Extern

Submit your paper

When you’ve written a paper, book review or from abroad and it meets all of our requirements, you are very welcome to submit it through our digital uploading form. The editorial board will contact you as soon as possible to inform you about the publication process.