LingUU Volume 5, Issue 2

Volume 5, Issue 2
November 2021

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Passmore, E. J. P. (2021). Rhetoric of the Coronavirus: A Survey of Covid-19 Lexical Items by Political Leanings and Age Cohorts. LingUU Journal, 5(2), pp. 4-22.

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Van Koppen, L.W. (2021). The use of Dutch reflexive anaphors among German learners of Dutch. LingUU Journal, 5(2), pp. 105-119.

Intern Extern

Župerkaitė, A. and Tyrchan, C. (2021). Research Internships in Times of a Global Pandemic, Part 2. LingUU Journal, 5(2), pp. 120-122.

The Daily Linguist

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