Call for Papers – April 2019

Have you written a linguistics paper, research proposal or thesis you are proud of? Consider submitting your work to LingUU, the official, peer-reviewed, student journal of Linguistics at Utrecht University. In this journal, both undergraduate and graduate students can publish their papers.

The deadline for the next Call for Papers is April 14, 2019.

Why should I submit?

Students sometimes come up with ideas that are worth sharing and develop creative theories that more people should read, other than just the teacher. LingUU provides a way to make this happen while giving students the opportunity to get to know the world of academic publishing small-scale. Publishing in LingUU is a great learning experience for starting academics and enables you to improve your work through peer feedback.

What can I submit?

LingUU features articles from all subdisciplines of linguistics and publishes in both Dutch and English. Apart from full-blown articles, research proposals are also welcome for submission. Besides scientific articles, you can submit reports on internships abroad and book notices.

You can find examples of published articles in our archive.

How do I submit?

You want to submit; that’s great! Please read our guidelines for authors first, to make sure your work meets our requirements. Next, submit it through our online form, on April 14 at the latest. Within a few days after the deadline, you’ll receive more info about the reviewing and publication process.

If your paper is accepted (after revision), it will be published in the issue of November 2019, or in April 2020.


If you have questions left, do not hesitate to contact via You can also check the frequently asked questions first.

We’re looking forward to receiving your paper!

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