Romanian Weak Definites Undergo Semantic Incorporation

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Romanian Weak Definites Undergo Semantic Incorporation

Author: Biance Mădălina Zgreabăn
Source: LingUU Journal, vol. 7, Iss. 1, pp. 15-35
Year: 2023
Published by: LingUU Journal


Many have argued that weak definites undergo semantic incorporation (Carlson, 2006; Klein et al., 2013; Klein et al., 2008, among others). However, this incorporation process was previously neglected. Consequently, the present paper’s first contribution is a step-by-step analysis for the semantic incorporation of Romanian weak definites. Thus, the analysis of Tigău (2017) is extended by applying the Discourse Representation Theory framework, developed by Farkas and de Swart (2003) on Romanian weak definites. The second contribution of this study is a review of both favorable and unfavorable arguments regarding weak definites undergoing semantic incorporation. Regarding the latter, the article discusses both Espinal and Cyrino’s (2017) arguments, and the definite determiner of weak definites. However, while it discusses its incompatibility with incorporated nouns, the current article does not offer a solution for the definite determiner of weak definites. Lastly, the present analysis argues that idioms contain weak definites, unlike previous studies. This view motivates the inclusion of idioms within analysis of weak definites. In this respect, this article offers examples on how to deal with weak definites from idioms within the aforementioned semantic incorporation analysis.


Weak definites, semantic incorporation, DRT, Romanian.

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