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Recently, LingUU, the (under)graduate journal for linguistics, was founded. This is a journal where you, students, can publish papers you are proud of, or papers in which you show something that more people should read, other than just your teacher. An editorial board consisting of BA- and MA-students take care of all editorial matters so an edition of LingUU can be published twice a year. At this moment, we are looking for editors and a secretary to join our board!

What does it mean to be an editor?

Every LingUU editor is engaged with searching for possible authors and approaching them, soliciting manuscripts, finding and guiding peer reviewers and, together with the rest of the board, deciding on the submitted content. The editorial board meets every few weeks to discuss the current affairs. Besides this, all editors have some additional tasks to keep the journal running. Depending on the moment of the year, the commitment of being an editor varies from a few minutes to a few hours a week.

What does it mean to be a secretary?

A secretary takes care of the organisational tasks. This means that the secretary keeps up with the (e-)mail and takes minutes during the meetings. Additionally, the secretary makes sure all the professors, subscribers and other people who are interested, are informed of calls for papers. Since the secretary has these additional tasks, s/he is not actively involved in handling papers, keeping in touch with authors and reviewers, and editing manuscripts.

What can LingUU offer you?

A position in the editorial board of LingUU offers the possibility to take a look inside the organisation of scientific publications, gain knowledge of good (academic) writing and develop your organisational abilities.


Are you interested in linguistics, science in general, and the distribution of knowledge, and would you like to be involved in the making of a real journal? Send an e-mail to before May 1. Make sure to include the following:

  • Name and surname;
  • Current study;
  • Field(s) of interest within linguistics (e.g. phonetics);
  • Post(s) of interest;
  • Short motivation;
  • An indication of the time you could be / would like to be part of the board (at least one year).

We are looking forward to see your application.

Warm regards,

Sophie Slaats and Fieneke Jochemsen
Editors-in-chief of LingUU: (undergraduate) journal of Linguistics

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